Modular construction solutions offer flexibility that regular construction does not: for design; materials; construction, and delivery.


We consult and work closely with:

  • Customers – to understand their diverse needs while remaining focused on delivering the best product and service to meet their requirements.
  • Trades, suppliers and installers – to connect as a network dedicated to the Australian Modular building industry.
  • Regulators and legislators – to address inconsistencies and challenges in current legislation, Australian Standards (and NCC) and industry codes of practice.
  • Designers and architects – to provide a viable alternative to traditional building methods.
  • Energy Efficiency Consultants – to continually review and improve the sustainability benefits of modular construction.
  • Occupational health and safety organisations – to address safety concerns in our industry with a focus on promoting and improving industry best practices.
  • Local councils and shires – to streamline approvals and permit processes for the supply and installation of modular buildings.
  • Transportation Specialists – Maximising the safety of the building; driver; vehicle; and compliance with all national legislation and regulations relating to the transportation of oversized goods. The Transport Sector are an integral partners with Modular building and construction as they are pivotal in moving relocatable/transportable buildings.