The Modular Building Industry Association of Australia is an incorporated association representing and supporting companies that manufacture and build, or own and hires fleets of transportable modular buildings in Australia.


We represent member company’s needs through:

  • Advocacy with governments, the Australian Building Codes Board and state building codes boards;
  • Engagement and consultation with authorised bodies that influence the modular building sector;
  • Liaising with local and international Modular Building and related associations.
The Executive Committee includes industry representatives from manufacturers, distributors and hirers to ensure all industry related issues and member needs are represented at an executive level – ethically and professionally. This delivers a balanced and fair approach, and provides awareness of the issues which are impacting the members of the Association.

The Executive Committee meets quarterly and we encourage members to contact us with:

  • Issues impacting their business;
  • New ideas;
  • Or just to connect.
You can contact our Executive Committee members at associations@aigroup.com.au

Executive Committee

President: Anthony Walsh
Vice President: Jarrod Waring
Treasurer: Jarrod Waring
Shannon Porter
Michael Clennett
The Australian Industry Group has been selected as the advisory partner of MBIAA. The strategic impetus and networking guidance of the AI Group will provide necessary support to the Industry group by drawing on years of experience developing and shaping industry Associations. The AI Group provides these services through the appointment of an experienced Executive Officer and the provisions of financial and secretarial services for the group.